Sensory Autism

Sensory Autism
I want to know if anyone is familiar with the "sensory belt" used in the treatment of autism?

I want to know how works and if anyone has any success stories.

The Sensory Belt is a weighted sensory aid designed specifically to help calm, balance and increase awareness. It has been shown to benefit children and adults diagnosed with autism, autism spectrum disorders, ADD / ADHD, cerebral palsy and pervasive developmental disorders. The Sensory Belt works by stimulating the proprioceptive system through nerve receptors that are placed on the muscles, joints and ligaments around the joints. These receptors sense tension and transmit this information to the brain where it is processed. The brain responds by signaling the muscles to contract or relax raise awareness through a stronger connection with the neuro-muscular brain. The Sensory Belt is designed to help Users achieve "sensory integration", an innate neurobiological process which refers to the integration of sensory stimulation, within our means environment by the brain. Normal brain, allows a person, without conscious thought, to have the information from our senses, organize and make a plan to produce a meaningful response that may interfere with our environment, however, this task is difficult for people with the disease in question. Sensory Belt is designed to help address this deficiency.

New Sensory Therapy Aid for Autism (Speech & Development)

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