Weight Loss

Weight Loss
What are some weight loss tips and how to look thinner?

I'm a teenager with a problem and need help please help me … I'm desperate. I have Lupus and when I turn I have to take prednisone cause weight gain. I want a higher self esteem. Please can someone give me weight loss tips as high excersice burns calories, health food, any advice and also plan to look thinner. Thanks!

There is some good advice given in the answers, here are a few more. Recent studies have shown that eggs for breakfast that will increase energy during the day and act as a natural weight suppressant. Made a list of an article on the use of eggs as food for weight loss. Track your daily intake food and daily exercise will help much in determining the amount you are actually eating and working every day. Also noted an item from that list are some easy ways to solve the exercise in your routine.

My 40lb Weight loss Before & After

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